Sadé Emoni

Singer songwriter Sade’ Emoni Mitchell is part of the next generation of true vocalist. She has been singing since a young age performing gospel music as early as she can recall. A true Jersey girl, strong, confident and not afraid of success, she grew up in Jersey City New Jersey and moved to Woodbridge New Jersey where she continued to follow her musical aspirations. Gospel music opened her ears but for Sade’ Emoni her musical influences range from R&B to pop to hip hop. Sade’ Emoni comes from a family of singers, her father, Grandfather and Great-grandfather had a gospel quartet group and Sade’ Emoni along with her sister and first cousins created a gospel group called The Gospel Angels. Her family realized how talented she was when at the age of 15; she auditioned for the American Idol season 10. The season American Idol dropped the audition age to 15 years old. She made it seven rounds of auditions and received the golden ticket to Hollywood. Sade’ Emoni traveled to Hollywood with her mom on her quest to becoming the next American Idol. She made it to live television, but didn’t make it to the top 24 but she made a lasting impression on the judges. Sade’ Emoni has appeared on the Apollo, she won the award of “The Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen” of Middlesex County, NJ. She was the designated singer of The National Anthem at her high school Woodbridge High school. Sade’ Emoni has also performed for Harlem Week, The NY State Marathon, the WBLS stage for Circle of Sisters and many more locations in New York & New Jersey. Her vocal ability always captures the ears of industry movers and shakers. Sade’ Emoni has been given opportunities based on her vocal skills and the ability to do a cover song and make it her own. Promoters are impressed with the energy and showmanship Sade’ Emoni brings to the stage. Sade’ Emoni started to write poetry at an early age. Now with her very soulful voice Sade’ Emoni is writing and recording her own songs. Her style is inspired by various artists like Jazmine Sullivan and Beyonce. “Beyonce inspires me with her work ethic, voice, talent and her go get-it spirit,” says Sade’ Emoni. A lot of people say they want to bring music back to its roots; they want music that says something. That’s what Sade’ Emoni has accomplished in her single “Deep Down,” it’s a great beat infused with passionate lyrics. Sade’ Emoni’s desire to live out of the box when it comes to musical projects makes her studio sessions so inspiring. She loves all genres of music and refuse to be labeled as a one genre type of artist. She is working hard to prove herself as an artist and is committed to her dream. With the support of her family and since day one fans, we know that dream will come true.