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Sade' Emoni's debut EP "222" was released on Feb. 22, 2017 which is also Sadé Emoni's 22nd birthday. 222 not only holds sentimental value for being her birth date but also because of it's numerological meaning that spoke to Sadé during her creating process.

The tracks on the EP are a mixture of uptempos and ballads, which are inspired by R&B and soul genres; it also features elements of hip hop and Pop. Sadé Emoni is not shy when expressing her underlying meaning of the project, her experience with love. 

222- "Keep the Faith." It's a sign that you have planted your seeds, and now must keep tending to them even though you can't yet see the seedlings. Metaphorically, this means to invest your time and energy into your dreams, and keep the faith that all of your work will soon pay off.